z2i social platform

3 monthly magazines

Zero to Infinity – Science & Technology

Pi Zero to Infinity – Mathematics & Programming

Health Zero to Infinity – Health & Nutrition

100,000+ monthly subscriptions

In 2015 monthly subscription of our 3 monthly magazines reached 100,000. Those magazines are now circulated all most every districts of Bangladesh.

1200+ Stalls

Our magazines are distributed to 1200+ newspaper stalls across the whole Bangladesh.

3500 + users in Q&A

Our Question and Answers platform just reached 3500 user milestone. Based on Bengali language it has 3,500+ questions, 4300+ answers. Link: http://bn.z2i.org/answers

All STEM events in one place

Workshops, Camps, Olympiads, Conference, Seminar, Congress on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), all in one place! Anyone can browse events by Month, Topic, Country, City etc. And can submit and manage their own events too. In event page people can join by providing their Email, Phone No, Institution etc too! Link: http://z2i.org/events

STEM Job and Expert Network

In this platform anyone can find and apply for any STEM related jobs. And anyone can built their Expert profile to apply for the jobs. Link: http://z2i.org/jobs

20+ Zero to Infinity Talks

‘Zero to Infinity Talks’ is a fortnight lecture series arranged by Zero to Infinity. Here experts from Science, Mathematics, History, Civilization & Culture share their knowledge.

35,000+ attendee in z2i Neurochallenge

Zero to Infinity Neurochallenge is a cipher code breaking challenge for school and college level students.

100+ Workshops and Camps

With the association of Science Ministry, Information ministry of Bangladesh and Universities we arranged 100+ science camps, workshops, Olympiads across the whole country.

Our Vision

We want every people to know who they are, where they are and why they are here.

Our Mission

Providing STEM education by connecting people in a social media platform.

Strategic Objectives

Since beginning, we are working to popularize science and mathematics to a vast population in south east Asia region. From 2015 - 2018 we will be spreading our work to developed world. In this period we will also work on national level policies to make it more science and technology oriented. We will build a network among Scientific Communities, Researchers, Non-Government Organizations, Medias and Policy Makers of this region.


Monthly Science Magazine

Zero to Infinity (53 Issues)

Monthly Mathematics & Coding Magazine

Pi Zero to Infinity (41 Issues)

Monthly Health & Nutrition Magazine

Health Zero to Infinity (12 Issues)

Paper back Book Series on Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Biology etc.


Zero to Infinity restructured itself as a social media platform for STEM education. From 2012 we started our journey with a monthly Science magazine. Now we publish 3 monthly magazines. One on Science & Technology, one one Math & Programming and another one on Health & Nutrition. Now in 2015 we have a offline reader base above 100k.z2i timeline

Progress Currently we are publishing 3 monthly magazines. Zero to Infinity (Science & Technology), Pi Zero to Infinity (Mathematics & Coding), Health Zero to Infinity (Health & Nutrition). All are in Bengali language. Published monthly for 300+ million people living in Bangladesh and West Bengal. growth z2i

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Zero to Infinity Talks

'Zero to Infinity Talks' is a fortnight lecture series arranged by Zero to Infinity. Here experts from Science, Mathematics, History, Civilization & Culture share their knowledge. Already 20 episodes held on different parts of Bangladesh.



Zero to Infinity Neurochallenge

Zero to Infinity Neurochallenge is a cipher code breaking challenge for school and college level students. The target is to find country’s most beautiful minds with high IQ and greater analytical ability. Someday they would be a valuable asset for country's security departments. In 2014 the first season of this program was immense successful. About 30k+ students form schools and colleges of Bangladesh participated in this program.

World Math Week

World Math Week is global event for the mathematics lovers, structured to celebrate all over the world. The event takes place from 14 March, Pi day to 20 March, every year. The program is initiated by 'Zero to Infinity'.


World Math Congress is a gathering of mathematics lovers around the world. Anyone passionate about mathematics can participate here with there creative works. This year WMC 2015 will take place during 29 – 30 October, 2015 in Bangladesh. WMC 2015 is focused on integrating mathematics to the daily life of mass people through creative ideas, apps, photographs and so on. After the success of 'World Math Week' initiative 'Zero to Infinity' planned to organize this congress.

World Math Congress 2015 (29 - 30 October)


Popularizing Science

Bangladesh is a country of 170+ Million people with lack of science and technology awareness. For last 3 years Zero to Infinity team is working hard to popularize science and mathematics to general people. We organized hundreds of workshops, science-talks, contests, science fair, science camp. We celebrated every possible international scientific event with our people. We worked long time with Govt. officials, NGOs, policy makers, private companies, science journalists of the country. Good news is the whole scientific infrastructure is changing now.

Some Activities


Global Reach

  Jolkona Catalyst: On behalf of 'Zero to Infinity' our founder Abdullah Al Mahmud participated in an exchange program held in Seattle, WA. In his 3 weeks stya he shared his experience on Social Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh with the top level executives of Google, Boeing and Microsoft.

In Media

Jomuna TV

ATN Bangla