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Why We Use the Dry Powder Ball Press Machine?

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asked May 7, 2014 by haiyan (129 points)
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Quick lime dry powder ball pressing machine avoids the huge waste of resources, and the rollers are made of wear-resisting alloy, the bearings are made of rolling mill bearings, the principal axis are cast with 40cr steel. The dry powder ball pressing machine also known as the high pressure dry powder ball press machine can make drawing powder materials into balls for later metallurgy. It has been used both by the foreign and domestic steel mills such as China’s Baoshan iron and steel plant.

Dry powder ball press machine mainly consists of the host, motor, reducer, transmission device and other components. Its internal parts, the roller skin is made of 65 Mn casting and uses the combination assembly so that it can be replaced after being worn. There is buffer device in the ball press machine and it can protect the device from the impact of hard objects. The passive roller is held by the piston of the hydraulic oil cylinder, the hydraulic system completes the circuit and the control valve in the hydraulic system keeps the system pressure. Materials are entered evenly into the bunker of the forming machine through the rationing equipment and then poured into the breaker rolls evenly adjusted by the regulating sluice.

Why we use the dry powder ball presss machine? In the past, lime powder in metallurgy are discarded or used in other ways, it is a wasteof natural resources. With the increasing shortage of natural resources, people pay more attention to the use of lime powder in metallurgy. Since 2002, institutions related to metallurgy have sharted to research this problem, and now this question has been solved.They use high pressure ball press machine to press the powdery material into ball or block for smelting. So far, Bao Steel, An steel and some steel mills abroad have put this machine into use. Explanation of dry powder ball press machine: After being crushed, materials are directly sent to the machine without adding water, such as aluminum scrap,magnesium scrap, active carbon, aluminum oxide, quick lime.

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