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মানুষের বিবর্তন কি বানরের সাথে কোন সম্পর্ক আছে?

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asked Sep 1, 2013 in Life by Pankaj (110 points)
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3 Answers

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answered Sep 1, 2013 by Ovishek Shome Jit (2,526 points)
না, কোনই সম্পর্ক নাই। গাজী আজমলের ২০১০ সালের প্রাণিবিজ্ঞান বইতে মানবদেহ অধ্যায়ে স্পষ্ট বলা আছে।
commented Sep 3, 2013 by Pankaj (110 points)
তা তো দেখছি কিন্তু আমি জানতে চাচ্ছি এর সম্পর্কে কোনো শক্ত প্রমান আছে কি?/ডারউইন এর তত্বের ভুল প্রমান এর কোন যুক্তি আছে কিনা
commented Sep 4, 2013 by Ovishek Shome Jit (2,526 points)
edited Sep 4, 2013 by Ovishek Shome Jit
First of all Darwin never said we came from Monkey, non-Darwinians misinterpreted his conclusion. Humans are more related to Chimpanzee and Orung-otun.
DNA analysis suggests that.
commented Sep 5, 2013 by Rahat (813 points)
darwin ar kono book a likha nai j....banor ar biborton ar maddhome manush ar agomon...
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answered Sep 7, 2013 by Ovishek Shome Jit (2,526 points)
edited Sep 7, 2013 by Ovishek Shome Jit

As evolution became widely accepted in the 1870s, caricatures of Charles Darwin with an ape or monkey body symbolised evolution

"A Venerable Orang-outang", a caricature of Charles Darwin as an ape published in The Hornet, a satirical magazine

This image shows a representative sequence, but should not be construed to represent a "straight-line" evolution of the horse. Reconstruction, left forefoot skeleton (third digit emphasized yellow) and longitudinal section of molars of selected prehistoric horses

Restoration of Eurohippus parvulus, a mid- to late Eocene equid of Europe (Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin)

So, now you might say horses evolved from goats!

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answered Sep 11, 2013 by ANIRBANROY (355 points)
Ache, tobe sorasori somporko nei. ajker ape r manush dujoner common ancestor er theke udvob. mane banor projati amader grandpa non, amader cousin. grandpa-r status-wala projati ra aj bilupto.

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