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Why Do We Exist? In a sentence

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asked Oct 10, 2018 in Brain & Mind by Jewel Khan (1,160 points)
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commented Dec 1, 2018 by Mainu (165 points)
Cause, something want us to exist... Simple answer.

1 Answer

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answered Nov 23, 2018 by cutewriters (113 points)
Hard as it may seem to fellows who don't believe in the existence of God, the only reason why we exist is to prepare for eternity. We live in the dimension of time so that we can take care of the available resources and be ready to live forever.

This answer is not easy.

Look at it this way:

Why do students go to elementary schools? To prepare for high school.

Why do they go to high schools? To prepare for life in colleges and universities.

Why do they go to universities? To prepare for life.

And why do they live? To prepare for something greater, eternity.

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