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how to remove the formaldehyde of floor board?

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asked May 28, 2018 in Life by liuer (103 points)
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the meeting after bridal chamber is decorated has a few taste, we often can have the taste of formaldehyde when moving bridal chamber, believe a lot of people can have such problem. So how to remove the formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde of activated carbon adsorption

Activated carbon removes formaldehyde is one kind is compared cheap with practical method, the characteristic is physisorption, adsorptive and complete, cause pollution not easily 2 times. The physical action deodorization of activated carbon, go poisonous; does not have any chemical * agents, do not have an influence to person. The user can buy a few activated carbon now, put in every room a few, remove formaldehyde effect pretty good. Formaldehyde of ventilated law purify

The house that new clothes builds, often must open a window ventilated, can accelerate indoor airy so current, can reduce the content of harmful material in indoor air, reduce the harm of this kind of material to human body thereby. If always do not open a window, indoor air cannot current, and formaldehyde content can increase, harmful gas content also can increase, better to human body harm. Open a window ventilated it is most effective, and the method of formaldehyde of most economic a kind of purify.

Put plant purify formaldehyde
The peculiar smell of formaldehyde can come true through putting a plant indoors, this method effect is more apparent also. The size that wants the different function according to the room, area nevertheless chooses and put a plant. Usually, the room that 10 square metre control, 1.5 meters expensive plant puts two more appropriate. Put more as far as possible a few, as far as possible much dot.

Use formaldehyde of air purifier purify
The air purifier of all sorts of brands appeared now, having a few among them is the effect that has adsorptive formaldehyde. The user uses air purifier effect between the house that new clothes builds also is idealer. Must notice to buy old brand when choose, passed detected product, ensure purify formaldehyde.
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