PouringThis weekend, northern California was hit by an “atmospheric river” eve…


This weekend, northern California was hit by an “atmospheric river” event – tropical moisture pulled northwards by weather systems over the Pacific until it dumps out as rain over the continent (https://tmblr.co/Zyv2Js_P34XM). Rivers throughout the state reached flood stage, inundating large areas and prompting another reminder that you shouldn’t drive cars through flooded areas since you won’t know how deep the water is and only a half meter of flowing water has enough energy to move a car (here’s a flooded street and a stranded car from Sacramento: http://bit.ly/2iXQJu1).

Yosemite National Park was closed in anticipation of this storm and flooding on the Merced River. However, the Park Service shared several videos and images of water flooding over the granitic slopes and pouring over the falls in the park, as seen here.


Video credit: Yosemite NPS