Zero to Infinity : The Company


Zero to Infinity : Target market

In general our mission is to inspire a student to take STEM as a future career or at least study science up to 12th grade. In a broad sense, we want to change the mindset of a student, how he observe his surroundings, how he thinks and how he solve his problems in life.

To achieve this we designed different products in his lifespan. So, for different products we have different markets.

For monthly Science & Mathematics magazine, target customers are 6th grade students to 12th grade students.

Monthly Health magazine is primarily targeted to college girls and housewives, in Bangladesh who are actually responsible for family nutrition and health care.

In website, contents are focused on popular use. Anyone who have access to internet and have basic literacy are our target customer.

'Zero to Infinity Athena' is more focused on B2B. Newsroom agencies, freelance journalists and science labs.

'Zero to Infinity Talks' open to general public.

'Zero to Infinity Neurochallenge' for middle school students.

'World Math Week' & 'World Math Congress' for students who participates in Olympiads like International Math Olympiad.

Zero to Infinity : Market need

Bangladesh is a country of 160 million people. In 1990. 42% students used to go for science. But now it's only 22%. So there is an urgent need and hence great prospect.

We have 20 million primary school and 10 million secondary school students. Zero to Infinity's main focus is on these 10 million secondary school students.

For monthly Science & Mathematics magazine, market size 2 Million.

For Health magazine, market size 10 Million.

On the other hand, one third of the population have internet access now. But 50% of them use internet for just Facebook. So we have a market of 30 Million for our websites.

Zero to Infinity : What differentiates our product from our competitors?

As a book publisher we have a great advantage over traditional publishers. As we also publish monthly magazines, we have a huge network of newspaper stalls and libraries all over the country.

A traditional publisher has access to 30/40 libraries, but we have 1200+ newspaper stalls in all districts of Bangladesh.

Another differentiation is our price. We sell cheap books with paperback-B&W model. Thus same books costs 4 times more for our competitors. So if a successful publisher can sell 500 copies of a book in a year, we sell 5000 copies in just a month.

Another biggest advantage is our team, all are young, energetic. Beside our permanent team, we have a voluntary workforce of 300+ freelance writes, campus ambassadors across the country. And that's making the whole difference with our competitors.

We have websites with 100,000 visitors daily, whereas those competitors have no promising websites. We always believe in content marketing. Most of our sales and services are led by promising contents published in